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(NIPS) – Castrol Products

Castrol is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions.

At NIPS we are committed to delivering the Castrol reputation for quality to our customers.

Full technical back-up is obtained from Castrol’s own team of technical experts and engineers.

NIPS Customers can join Castrol’s Detecta service to have their oils analysed and tested on a regular basis, providing a comprehensive diagnostic and advice service.

We stock a huge range of Castrol products, in line with customer demand, and have quick access to any other products required by our clients.

Automotive – Cars

Engine Oils

Castrol Edge – a complete range of the best car engine oils. Its fully synthetic formulation performs across 7 critical engine factors with the aim of delivering a smooth, cool and powerful ride.

Castrol Edge 0W-30
Castrol Edge 0W-30 A5/B5
Castrol Edge 5W-30
Castrol Edge 5W-40
Castrol Edge 10W-60
Castrol Edge 0W-40 A3/B4
Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel 5W-40

Castrol Magnatec – keeps your car at its peak for longer.

Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 A3/B4
Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 A1
Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 C2
Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 C3
Castrol Magnatec 5W-40 C3

Castrol GTX – provides superior engine protection.

Castrol GTX 10W-40 A3/B4
Castrol GTX 15W-40 A3/B3

Gear Oils

Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90 – fully synthetic 75W-90 manual gear oil

Castrol Universal 75W-90 – part synthetic universal gear oil

Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90 – mineral based, extreme pressure gear oil

Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140 – mineral based, extreme pressure gear oil

Castrol Manual EP 80W-90 – GL4 EP oil for manual gearboxes

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle – specially designed to meet General Motors Dexron III specification

Castrol ATF Dex II Multivehicle – recommended for use in many types of automatic transmissions and power steering units, and where Dexron II D type fluid is specified.

Castrol ATF Multivehicle – Suitable for use in the automatic transmissions of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda (except CVT), Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Jatco.

Brake Fluids

Castrol React Performance Dot 4 – is a high boiling synthetic brake fluid, giving ultimate system protection against the effects of corrosion and high temperature vapour lock.

Castrol Brake Fluid Dot 4 – high performance synthetic brake fluid, offering system protection together with ultimate braking performance.

Castrol React SRF Racing Brake Fluid – Exceptionally high dry boiling point (above 300C). Ideal for use under arduous conditions such as racing or rallying.

Automotive – Commercial

Engine Oils

Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 5W-30 – a revolutionary fully synthetic diesel engine oil achieving outstanding performance in Euro 2 and Euro 3 engines. Reduces engine friction, thereby improving fuel efficiency by a minimum 4% compared to 15W-40 mineral oil. Allows maximum possible drain intervals recommended by manufacturers, minimising expensive downtime by keeping vehicles on the road for longer.

Castrol Enduron Low SAPS 10W-40 – fully synthetic oil designed to extend oil drain intervals whilst increasing engine life.

Castrol Tection Global 15W-40 – designed to give excellent performance in all commercial vehicle engines. Its combination of protection, extended drain performance and versatility make it a natural choice for truck, bus and van fleets.

Castrol Tection monogrades – a range of monograde engine oils developed from high quality mineral crankcase lubricants. Specified in applications from monograde engine oils to hydraulic or transmission applications that specify this performance level.

Castrol Tection Monograde 10W
Castrol Tection Monograde 20W
Castrol Tection Monograde 30
Castrol Tection Monograde 40

Gear Oils

Castrol Syntrans 75W-85 – is a fully synthetic manual transmission fluid designed to extend oil drain intervals and provide outstanding protection in truck, bus and light commercial vehicle transmissions where API GL-4 lubricants are required.

Castrol Syntrans Max 75W-80 – is a fully synthetic commercial vehicle transmission fluid which has been co-engineered with ZF and is approved for service intervals of up to 540,000km in all ZF commercial manual and automated manual transmissions. All ZF manual transmissions leave the factory filled with this grade.

Castrol Syntrans AT 75W-90 – is a fully synthetic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in the manual transmissions of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Castrol Syntrans Z 75W-80 – is a part-synthetic transmission fluid designed for a range of manual transmissions, including ZF.It gives extended service intervals of up to 300,000km and provides significant advantages over traditional mineral products.

Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus 75W-90 – is a fully synthetic universal heavy duty gear lubricant. It offers excellent low temperature fluidity, high temperature stability and wear protection.

Castrol Axle EPX 80W-90
Castrol Axle EPX 85W-140
Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75W-90
Castrol Syntrax Limited Slip 75W-140

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Castrol Transmax Z – is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid designed for use at maximum oil drain intervals in buses and coaches with automatic or semi-automatic transmissions.

Castrol Transynd – is a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid co-engineered with Allison, meeting their challenging TES 295 specification. All Allison automatic transmissions leave the factory filled with Castrol Transynd.

Castrol Transmax Dex III Multivehicle – specially designed to meet the requirements of General Motors Dexron IIIH, Ford Mercon and Allison C4 applications.

Castrol ATF Dex II Multivehicle – fully meets the requirements of Dexron IID type fluid.


Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Plus – an NLGI 2 grease for extreme conditions, it is the ultimate lithium complex grease for very wet and challenging on and off highway environments.

Castrol High Temperature Grease – is a high performance lithium complex grease for use in ball or roller bearings operating at high speeds and high loads.

Castrol Spheerol EPL 2 – is a lithium based general purpose grease to protect bearings components subject to heavy and shock loadings.

Castrol Multipurpose Grease –  is a smooth lithium based grease, well proven as a chassis grease. It is also a good wheel bearing and automotive grease for use over a wide range of temperatures.

Mobile Plant Oil

Multiplant – is an advanced high performance, multi use, mobile plant, mineral based oil. It has been developed to meet a comprehensive range of requirements within the construction, demolition and plant hire industries. Its unique properties are designed to allow the use of one oil for most applications on site, including engines, transmissions, compressors and hydraulics.


Castrol Radicool
Castrol Radicool NF
Castrol Radicool SF


Engine and Universal Oils

Castrol Agri Power Ultra – 10W-40 engine oil offering ultimate performance and protection for farm and road vehicles using the most advanced Castrol technology.

Castrol Agri Power Plus – is a 15W-40 diesel engine oil designed to provide excellent protection for all agricultural vehicles.

Castrol Agri Power – is suitable for use in older machinery or those operating under moderate operating conditions.

Castrol Agri MP Plus – is a Super Universal Tractor Oil that delivers high performance and protection for engine, transmission, wet brake, hydraulics and front axles.

Castrol Agri MP – is a universal farm oil for most types of farm machinery.

Transmission Fluids

Castrol Agri Trans Plus – is for use in hydraulic, transmission and PTO systems requiring enhanced corrosion protection. It provides the highest levels of wear prevention on start up and throughout the operating period.

Castrol Agri Trans Plus AS – is a universal tractor transmission fluid specifically formulated to prevent wet brake squawk.

Hydraulic Oil

Castrol Agri Hydraulic Oil Plus – is a high quality oil suitable for use where ISO 32, 46 or 68 specifications are required. It is highly shear stable, so maintaining performance across a wide range of operating temperatures and offering outstanding protection. The use of one oil reduces inventory and saves money.


Hydraulic Oils

Castrol Hyspin AWS – is based on highly refined mineral oils with a low zinc-containing anti-wear system. Shows excellent hydrolytic and oxidative stability while exhibiting minimal tendency to produce sludge and deposits. Also provides corrosion protection for the ferrous and yellow metal components found in hydraulic systems. For use in gear, vane, radial piston and axial piston pumps where pressures and speeds require anti-wear oils.

Castrol Hyspin AWS 10
Castrol Hyspin AWS 15
Castrol Hyspin AWS 22
Castrol Hyspin AWS 32
Castrol Hyspin AWS 46
Castrol Hyspin AWS 68
Castrol Hyspin AWS 100
Castrol Hyspin AWS 150

Castrol Hyspin HVI – is a shear stable, high VI version of Hyspin AWS.

Castrol Anvol – a range of fire resistant hydraulic oils.

Castrol Anvol PE 46 HR
Castrol Anvol SWX 46
Castrol Anvol WG 46

Gear Oils

Castol Alpha SP – a range of high quality solvent refined mineral oils, fortified with sulphur-phosphorous compounds to impart anti-wear and extreme pressure properties.

Castrol Alpha SP 68
Castrol Alpha SP 100
Castrol Alpha SP 150
Castrol Alpha SP 220
Castrol Alpha SP 320
Castrol Alpha SP 460
Castrol Alpha SP 680

Castrol Alphasyn range – a range of synthetic gear oils, which allow oil change intervals to be extended and provide outstanding thermal stability and load carrying ability.

Castrol Alphasyn EP 320

Castrol Alphasyn PG 220
Castrol Alphasyn PG 320
Castrol Alphasyn PG 460

Castrol Alphasyn T32
Castrol Alphasyn T46
Castrol Alphasyn T68
Castrol Alphasyn T150
Castrol Alphasyn T220
Castrol Alphasyn T320
Castrol Alphasyn T460

Slideway Oils

Castrol Magna GC 32 – a light viscosity slideway lubricant designed for machine tools fitted with combined hydraulic and slideway lubrication systems.

Castrol Magna BD 68 – slideway oil with a high degree of lubricity and good load carrying properties. Recommended for horizontal slideways.

Castrol Magna CF 220 – slideway oil with a high degree of lubricity and good load carrying properties. Recommended for heavily loaded and vertical slides.

Castrol Magnaglide D products are high performance demulsifying slideway lubricants, based on mineral oils and blended with highly efficient friction modifiers and extreme pressure additives. They can be used on all horizontal and vertical slideways where a high quality demulsifying lubricant is required for slideway protection and to maximise coolant life, whilst the outstanding frictional characteristics of the products prevent stick-slip, improving surface finish and tolerances of machined components and reducing rejection rates.

Compressor Oils

Castrol Aircol MR 46 – is formulated from a highly refined base oil with a carefully balanced complement of additives to provide improved oxidative and thermal stability. It also incorporates anti-wear additives to meet the requirements of Atlas-Copco, and similar types of compressor design. Aircol MR 46 meets the requirements of oil-flooded rotary screw compressors operating continuously at air discharge temperatures of up to 90C.

Castrol Aircol PD – is a range of oils intended for the lubrication of both reciprocating and rotary air compressors. Aircol PD oils have excellent oxidation resistance and low carbon-forming tendencies and meet the requirements of the DIN 51506 VD-L classification of lubricants for compressors having air discharge temperatures up to 220C. Available in a range of viscosities to suit different types of compressors operating in varying ambient temperatures.

Castrol Aircol PD 32
Castrol Aircol PD 46
Castrol Aircol PD 68
Castrol Aircol PD 100
Castrol Aircol PD 150

Aircol SN compressor lubricants are high quality synthetic diesters. They were developed to cope with the severe operating conditions experienced in rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating air compressors operating at high compression ratios and high discharge temperatures. Aircol SN grades offer up to eight times the service life of mineral oils in reciprocating units, due to their reduced carbon forming tendencies and much higher oxidation resistance.

Castrol Aircol SN 46
Castrol Aircol SN 68

Aircol SR 46 – is an ester free synthetic compressor oil for use in rotary screw compressors. It has outstanding oxidation stability and anti-wear performance; the ester free formulation eliminates acidic corrosion resulting from hydrolysis.

Castrol Aircol SR 68

Chain Oils

Castrol Viscogen oils are high performance chain lubricants that are designed to suit difficult environmental conditions such as high temperatures, dusty environments, wet and corrosive applications and E-coat processes or cathodic electrodeposition applications.

Castrol Viscogen 0
Castrol Viscogen 4
Castrol Viscogen KL 9
Castrol Viscogen KL 15
Castrol Viscogen KL 23
Castrol Viscogen KL 300

Refrigeration Oils

Castrol Aircol 229 range – synthetic oils specifically designed for refrigeration systems using screw type compressors in conjunction with very low evaporation temperatures. May also be specified for certain systems using reciprocating compressors with high compression ratios and high discharge temperatures.

Castrol Aircol 2293
Castrol Aircol 2294

Turbine Lubricants

Perfecto T – is a range of turbine oils based on highly refined mineral oils, with selective additives to improve their inherent high oxidation stability and to protect against corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are primarily intended for the lubrication of steam turbines, base oils used being selected to give the requisite water separation characteristics, resistance to foaming and the good air entrainment properties essential for this demanding application. Perfecto T oils are also suitable for water turbines, the power turbines of generating sets based on aero-derived gas turbines and for many industrial gas turbines.

Castrol Perfecto T32
Castrol Perfecto T46
Castrol Perfecto T68
Castrol Perfecto T100

Soluble Cutting Oils

Castrol Cooledge

Castrol Cooledge BI is a non-phenolic general purpose soluble cutting fluid for use in a wide range of machining operations with a variety of materials. Cooledge BI is particularly suitable for use with steel and cast iron components, but is not recommended for use with copper alloys – Castrol Cooledge CB is suggested for this purpose.

Castrol Hysol – is a comprehensive range of premium quality soluble cutting fluids. Including:

Castrol Hysol ALS for machining aluminium
Castrol Hysol EPS for arduous cutting processes such as broaching
Castrol Hysol T15 for cutting steel
Castrol Hysol G100 – a semi synthetic fluid for grinding and light duty machining
Castrol Hysol X – a chlorine free fluid for arduous processes

Syntilo – a range of fully synthetic soluble cutting fluids.

Castrol Syntilo 2000 – a general purpose grinding, honing and heavy duty machining fluid for ferrous materials
Castrol Syntilo 22 – a general purpose grinding and light to medium duty machining fluid for ferrous materials
Castrol Syntilo 81 BF – a boron free general purpose grinding fluid for ferrous materials especially developed for surface, cylindrical,double disk and cylindrical grinding
Castrol Syntilo 9954 – a heavy duty machining and grinding fluid suitable for all machining operations for ferrous materials
Castrol Syntilo CR 27 – a high performance grinding fluid specially developed for tungsten carbide grinding

Neat Cutting Oils

Castrol Honilo – is a range of neat metalworking fluids.

Castrol Honilo 171 – for honing and automatic lathe work
Castrol Honilo 981 – sulphur and chlorine free for honing metals of a more difficult nature

Castrol Ilocut – a range of neat metalworking fluids.

Castrol Ilocut 154 – medium viscosity mineral oil with inactive sulphur additions. Excellent results on multi-spindle automatics, capstan and turret lathes and on routine machining where medium tensile steels up to 45 tons tensile are cut.

Castrol Ilocut 482 is a mineral based neat cutting oil with chlorinated additives. For general use on automatic lathes, in production thread grinding and form grinding operations.

Castrol Ilocut 486 is a clear pale yellow straight cutting fluid manufactured from solvent refined mineral oil and blended with fatty oil and chlorinated additives. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in general use on automatic and multi-tool lathes, production thread grinding, broaching, milling and gear hobbing.

Castrol Ilocut EDM 180 is a high performance electric discharge machining fluid for fine roughing and finishing operations.

Castrol Ilocut EDM 200 is a high performance electric discharge machining fluid for fine roughing and finishing operations, which also benefits from very low odour.


Castrol Spheerol EPL – is a range of lithium based general purpose greases to protect bearings components subject to heavy and shock loadings.

Castrol Spheerol EPL 00 is a NLGI 00 semi fluid grease suitable for centralised lubrication systems and grease filled gearboxes.

Castrol Spheerol SX2 is a calcium complex, extreme pressure grease specifically developed to provide a high degree of resistance to water wash and to provide protection to components in wet environments.

Castrol Multipurpose Grease is a smooth lithium based grease, well proven as a chassis grease. It is also a good wheel bearing and automotive grease for use over a wide range of temperatures.

Castrol High Temperature Grease is a high performance lithium complex grease intended for use in ball or roller bearings operation at high speeds or high loads, or at temperatures beyond the limits of conventional lithium bearing greases.

Castrol Spheerol FG OO-EP is a semi-fluid extreme pressure grease based on polymer thickened mineral oils. A sulphur-phosphorous additive is incorporated to provide the EP properties required by heavily loaded steel gears and an oxidation inhibitor is also included to ensure long service life. Fully compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Castrol Spheerol FG OO-EP is used extensively in industrial spur, bevel, worm and helical enclosed gears.

Castrol ACL 000 Grease is a semi-fluid (NLGI 000) extreme pressure grease for use in the automatic chassis lubrication systems of commercial vehicles.

Castrol Moly Grease is a lithium based grease containing friction reducing molybdenum disulphide. It can be used for swivels and shackles and where a sliding motion can lead to scuffing. Recommended as a fifth wheel grease.

Castrol Premium Heavy Duty Plus Grease is a blue tacky lithium complex grease with multifunctional solid lubricant additive. The ultimate lubricant for very wet and performance challenging on and off highway environments.

Castrol Longtime PD is a range of solid free, high pressure greases for long term lubrication in a wide range of applications.

Castrol Longtime PD 0
Castrol Longtime PD 00
Castrol Longtime PD 1
Castrol Longtime PD 2

Castrol Firetemp XT 2 is a synthetic high temperature grease for rolling and sliding bearings at normal to medium peripheral speeds and high operating temperatures. The fully synthetic, thermally stable structure guarantees long relubrication intervals at maximum operational reliability.

Castrol Thermogrease 2 is a black, fully synthetic high temperature grease for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings subjected to high pressures.

Castrol Molub-Alloy 936 SF Heavy OG Grease is a uniquely compounded open gear lubricant specifically developed for use on heavy duty equipment in mining and industrial applications.

Castrol Optitemp HT Greases are high performance greases for long term lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings at high operating temperatures as well as at normal or medium bearing pressures.

Castrol Optitemp HT 2
Castrol Optitemp HT 2 EP
Castrol Optitemp LG 2
Castrol Optitemp TT 1


Castrol Careclean MP is an aqueous cleaner with a mild alkali formulation for precision cleaning of lightly soiled parts to the most demanding specifications in a wide range of modern equipment.

Castrol Techniclean AS 58 is a low odour solvent cleaner which has been developed as an alternative to chlorinated solvent cleaner.

Castrol Techniclean MP is a liquid detergent cleaner with corrosion inhibition and multi-metal compatability. It is designed for use in all forms of dip tank and ultrasonic washing machines and will remove light/medium soils such as cutting fluids, light corrosion preventives, lubricants and greases.

Castrol Techniclean S-Extra is a mild alkaline process cleaner specifically designed to combine the benefits of single stage cleaning and superior corrosion protection. It is a very versatile, multi-metal cleaner formulated to remove medium duty soils, in industrial spray washing machines.

Castrol Techniclean SF is a mildly alkaline, low foaming, liquid spray wash cleaner specifically designed to give all temperature, all pressure capability on ferrous metals within production engineering.

Castrol Techniclean XHD is a liquid detergent for use with ferrous metals. It is designed for use in all forms of dip tank, ultrasonic and spray washing machines to remove heavy soils such as rust, carbon and paint.

Rust Preventatives

Castrol Rustilo 150 is a solid film type rust preventative, used for general purpose long term protection.

Castrol Rustilo Aqua 2 is a medium viscosity mineral oil containing film forming additives and coupling agents supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water prior to use.

Castrol Rustilo DW 4130 is a soft film solvent deposited temporary corrosion preventive and dewatering fluid formulated to give excellent long term indoor protection.

The Rustilo DWX range combines rust prevention with excellent dewatering properties. Available for a variety of applications are:

Castrol Rustilo DWX 10
Castrol Rustilo DWX 21
Castrol Rustilo DWX 30
Castrol Rustilo DWX 31
Castrol Rustilo DWX 32
Castrol Rustilo DWX 33

Medicinal White Oils

The Castrol Whitemor WOM range are medicinal white oils for medicinal and food grade applications.

Castrol Whitemor WOM 14
Castrol Whitemor WOM 65

Many more Castrol grades exist for a huge range of applications.

Please feel free to contact us for advice and assistance.