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(NIPS) – Radiators

We are the leading UK importer of the Fondital radiators. Supplied in sections these Italian designed and manufactured radiators can adapt to fit the space available. Because they are aluminium they are lightweight and highly efficient, easy to handle and install. The lightweight material and low water content mean that the system heats up quickly with considerable energy savings. The large surface area ensures improved efficiency even at low temperatures.

Calidor is a die-cast aluminium alloy radiator with a modern design, created specifically for installation in any kind of environment and to go with any type of furnishings. Calidor generates extremely high thermal power to heat rooms efficiently and provide a general state of wellbeing. Calidor is made entirely of aluminium alloy, an excellent material providing the radiator with the following features:

Resistance – Aluminium becomes covered with a layer of oxide that is not soluble in water and acts as a protective film.

Lightweight – Being lightweight, Calidor radiators are easier to store, handle and install.

Low thermal inertia – The lightweight material and reduced water content means that the system heats up quickly with considerable energy saving.

Large surface area – This ensures improved efficiency even at low temperatures.

Modularity – Standard radiators can be adapted as required by adding or removing a number of elements using the practical nipple system.

The Calidor radiator comes in three ranges:

Calidor 97 / 100 with depth 100mm and centre distance 350, 500, 600, 700 and 800mm. Maximum operating pressure 6 bar.

Calidor 97 / 80 with depth 80mm and centre distance 500, 600, 700 and 800mm. Maximum operating pressure 6 bar.

Calidor 97 S Maximum operating pressure 16 bar and centre distance 350 and 500mm.

All of the radiators are tested at 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure and are assembled in series of 3-10, 12 or 14 elements according to the model. All Calidor radiators are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation against manufacturing defects, provided that the system is installed professionally, in compliance with current regulations and are correctly maintained.

Decus Radiators are the synthesis of Fondital’s experience in the manufacture of aluminium radiators. With its brand new design and appearance, this radiator can fit easily into any room. The new winged profile at the back of these radiators enhances heat exchange and heats the room more quickly. Centre distance 350 – 2000 mm.

Decus Towel Rails is an attractive, high performance towel rail radiator designed to suit bathrooms of any style and dimensions. It can go with any type of decoration and furnishing, adding an extra touch of class. Easy to install, it comes in ten different configurations and can be associated with stylish accessories to enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Calens Dual Radiators are colourfully designed and synonymous with comfort and elegance. They can be used in attics or wherever this is limited space and offers an extended radiating surface for efficient heating. Very easy to install, they are delivered in series of two or three elements, each comprising of two columns. Each element is 160mm wide.

Calens Dual Towel Rails are a pleasing shape which gives great functionality are the main features of Fondital’s classic radiator. A blend of modern technology and aesthetic design – symbols of tradition and quality. Ideal for both modern and classic settings, this is the new way of heating and decorating in one go.

Garda S/90 were created to meet new requirements in the home. Garda S/90 radiators are an intelligent, versatile way of heating and furnishing any environment in style. This radiator is specifically designed with saving in mind, in terms of both space and running costs. Available already assembled in series of three, four, five or six elements.

Garda Dual/80 radiators feature power, colour and refinement and are designed to meet any requirements in terms of style or space available. The Garda Dual/80 is available up to two metres in height and are available already assembled in series of three, four, five or six elements. Radiators of any dimensions can be obtained by means of a practical system of nipples.

Fondital Range

Top performance, state of the art technology and attractive design – these are the principles on which Fondital bases the design and production of radiators.

Refined elegance combines with modern technology and the use of aluminium to guarantee a high thermal output.

Fondital uses a new-generation production plant and cutting edge technology as a guarantee of a consistently high quality standard.

Fondital radiators heat and decorate bathrooms and living rooms all over the world and are ideal for large rooms, high ceiling rooms and for low or high temperature systems. A full range of solutions is offered to meet the requirements of professionals in the heating industry and interior designers.

Fondital’s series of new radiators is accompanied by a full range of accessories. Valves and brackets come in various shapes, sizes and finishes and are intended for use with any type of half-inch pipes, with square or straight fittings.