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(NIPS) – Special Offers

See below for our current Lubricants clearance offers.

Availability is strictly limited to the number of packs shown as available – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Delivery of 20 Litres and above is usually free in the Yorkshire area.

Please contact us to confirm delivery rates for other areas.

BrandGradeDescriptionPack SizeAvailableSale Price   
CastrolAssuron T Plus 10Monograde Engine Oil20L1?30.00
CastrolEdge 0W-30Full Synthetic Engine Oil1L1?10.00
CastrolEdge 5W-30Full Synthetic Engine Oil4L1?35.00
CastrolEdge 5W-30Full Synthetic Engine Oil1L2?10.00
CastrolEdge TD 5W-40Full Synthetic Engine Oil1L9?10.00
CastrolEP 75W-80Mineral Gear Oil1L11?2.50
CastrolPerfecto T 68Turbine Oil20L1?40.00
CastrolPerformance A1 5W-30Ford Motor Oil1L36?3.50
CastrolSpheerol SX 2Water Resistant Grease12 x 400 gm3?35.00
CastrolTection Mono 40SAE 40 Monograde Engine Oil20L2?30.00
CastrolTQ-DDexron IID Transmission Oil25L1?37.50
BPEnergol CS 150Circulatory System Oil20L1?30.00
BPEnergol GR XP 68Industrial Gear Oil20L1?30.00
BPEnergol HLP HM 68Hydraulic Oil20L1?30.00
BPEnergrease L21MAutomotive Grease30 x 400gm1?50.00
BPVisco 3000 10W-40Semi Synthetic Engine Oil1L24?3.50
Clearance Lubricants as of 15.03.18 - Strictly Limited Availability - All Prices Exclude VAT